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The original nylon bagging film for high temperature vacuum integrity.


The original nylon bagging film for high temperature vacuum integrity.

High temperature, coated peel ply offer superior release compared to plain peel ply while still producing a textured surface.
Bleederlease® B


High temperature, coated peel ply that will provide easy release from most prepregs and resin systems.

Do not contain silicones, silanes,or CFC's,so sealer aren't required.
Release-ALL® Safelease


Water based release agent that works on composite and metal tools without sealer.

Vacuum bagging film with “Moisture-Lok” for a soft and supple feel in low humidity.
Ipplon® KM1300


Vacuum bagging film with good elongation and is suitable for cure temperature up to 414 °F (212°C)

Higher part quality due to reduced porosity achieved by more efficient application of vacuum pressure over part surface.
Ultraweave® 606


Nylon breather that has a higher temperature softening point and will not compress like poylster, allowing increased airflow.

Extremely stable and light weight for ease of handling.
Masterbar® 300


High temperature fiberglass / epoxy structural tubes.

Dahlar® are significantly lower cost and reduced wrinkle mark-off on parts due to the softness of the film.
Dahlar® Release Bag 125

Dahlar® Release Bag

Multi-layer vacumm bagging and release film with self release performance.

Low viscosity and long pot life, allowing high quality tools to be manufactured with low cost resin infusion process.
Toolfusion® 3


Quick, easy and inexpensive resin infusion with a room temperature or low temperature initial cure for high temperature use to 400°F (204°C).

Even application of vacuum bag pressure all through curing cycle and control of resin content for high quality parts.
Aireweave® N-4


Polyester breathers that have good elongation and protect vacuum bags in sharp radius areas.

Tape removes cleanly and easily after use reducing clean up time.
Flashbreaker® Orange


Multi-purpose pressure sensitive tapes for oven over or autloclave to 400° F
(204° C).

Release agents are not required on the mold surface thereby reducing cost and parts contamination.
Tool-Tec® CA5


Reinforced PTFE coated fiberlgass with adhesive for semi-permanent release and mold surface reconditioning.

Flexible and supple, won't get brittle in low humidty conditions, allowing easier handling.
Stretchlon® 700


Vacuum bagging film formulated for elongation & softness in any environment

Composite molds are l ighter than metal molds, making manual handling easier and reduce the cost of invement in handling equipment.
Toolmaster® Tooling Prepreg


Tooling Prepregs, machinalble master systems and tooling boards.

Improved handling and reliability, reducing the labor time to apply vacuum bags and therefore reducing cost.
Securlon® Big Blue L-100


Multi-layer vacum bagging film that provides multiple layers of security.

Great labor savings because a combination of products are applied in one operation as opposed to applying one layer at a time.


Combination of peel plies, release films, and/or breather in wide-widths and can slit to custom sizes.